London’s Stone Cleaning & Restoration Specialists

London’s Stone Cleaning & Restoration Specialists

The Premier Cleaners of Fine Marble & Natural Stone Across The Capital

Looking for London’s natural stone cleaning & restoration experts? Ace is the premier marble and limestone restoration and cleaning specialist with over 60 years of experience within the cleaning industry. Providing 5-star service to all our clients in some of the most prestigious residential properties. Natural stone is a durable material and is an excellent choice for floors, worktops and bathrooms in a property. To keep stone looking at its best, it is recommended to invest in regular professional natural stone maintenance.

These stone treatments will remove staining and scratching and refresh the surface of your stone. For older stone floors, the restoration process can also include filling pits and cracks, evening out the worn areas of the stone, and grinding the stone flat to remove lippage. In addition, stone can be refinished to a honed, satin or high polish, depending on the stone type. All stone services include the application of a sealant to protect your stone.


Natural Stone Cleaning London

Natural Stone Cleaning London

Professional stone cleaning gets deep into the pores of your limestone or marble floor. No matter how well you maintain your stone, dirt can build up in the grout lines over time, which can be challenging to remove with household products. Our limestone cleaning processes will lift this and bring the surface of your stone back to life again.

The first stage before deep cleaning is to strip the existing sealant (if any) that may have worn away or degraded. This ensures an even finish and longer, cleaner life. The product used for this will depend on the stone origin and finish and the previous sealant type used. This dust-free process uses fresh water, alkaline cleaning solutions and abrasive powders. This limestone cleaning method will not only return your floor and grout to their former glory but is mess free and causes minimal disruption to your home.

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Natural Stone Floor Grinding

Natural Stone Floor Grinding London

The full restoration process involves up to 8 stages, beginning with a grinding phase to even out poorly laid tiles and remove scratches or etch marks from your limestone floor. This initial phase is essential to ensure that the floor is flat to allow the finer grit diamond abrasives to work most effectively.

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Natural Stone Restoration London

Whilst our stone cleaning service will remove surface dirt, it is often worth considering the additional benefits of a restoration service. Marble and limestone polishing or resurfacing will not only restore the beauty of your floor but also ensure a longer-lasting finish.
When we resurface a stone floor in this way, a fresh layer of stone will be revealed. This means that not only will you have a clean floor, but the stone will have a look far closer to when it was first laid. Resurfacing this way will remove surface scratches, dulling and etch marks on the stone’s surface. It will regain the colours and properties of that initial stone. This means that once sealed, it will retain its finish much longer than a floor that has been simply cleaned.
The stone polishing or resurfacing process begins with removing any stains, scratches and worn areas of the stone. This is made possible by gently removing the top layer of the stone surface using resin-bonded diamonds. These are attached to a rotary machine with a weight of up to 160kg. The rotation and the pressure created will scratch the floor, providing a light abrasion.
The polishing process is all about creating tighter and tighter scratch patterns that reduce the size of the pores and capillaries in the stone, creating a natural shine. Then, your limestone floor can be resurfaced to a honed, mid or high shine, depending on your preference.

Marble Worktop Restoration London

Marble is particularly sensitive to acid. Therefore, the surface will become etched when acidic foods and liquids come into contact with a marble worktop. This surface-level burn mark cannot be wiped away, so it will require a professional restoration treatment. The processes for marble worktop polishing are very similar to the stone floor polishing processes. Still, as required, they use several smaller diamond tools with abrasive pads and powders.
A complete restoration process to transform heavily marked or etched marble worktop can take up to 8 levels of diamond resurfacing. The initial stages will use course-graded diamonds to remove the etch marks and any scratches on the stone’s surface. A series of finer diamond pads will then be used to remove the scratch pattern from the previous diamond pads.
The desired finish is then achieved by a system of higher-grit diamond segments and pads that can be used in stages for matte, satin or high shine.

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Natural Stone Bathroom Restoration London

Natural Stone Bathroom Restoration London

As marble and limestone are both porous and acid-sensitive materials, particular care must be taken to keep these surfaces in good condition. With strong acids, you will see the effects of this instantly. Known as etching, this cannot be wiped or cleaned off.
Tap water is not always PH neutral, which means that this can have a similar effect on stone over time. This and strong cleaning chemicals are the main reasons our professional restoration services are sought after in a stone bathroom.

We offer both deep cleaning and restoration services to transform dull, stained and etched stone in a bathroom to return your marble and limestone to their original condition. All of the services provided are entirely bespoke. They will combine both diamond grinding and polishing technology with specialist stain removal products.