Rug Cleaning

Harrods London On Site Rug Cleaning


Onsite rug cleaning at its best, for all materials, including Wool, Synthetics, Silk, Bamboo & Viscose.

London Oriental Rug Cleaning


Our team can clean & restore pretty much any oriental rug to its former grandeur, guaranteeing to equal the carpet’s former colour while excluding any and all stains.

London Rug Spa Treatment


The ultimate in rug care, we collect your rug, hand treat it, then deliver & reinstall it for your total satisfaction.

Carpet Cleaning

London Deodoriser Treatment


Carpet cleaning does not simply involve general cleaning but likewise deodorising and smell removal. More than 50% of UK homes own pets, which can mean that their delicate carpets & rugs harbour stains, spillages and very undesirable smells.

London Bleach-Spot-Repairs

Bleach Spot Repairs

We can completely restore bleach spots, guaranteeing a flawless colour match, regardless of the colour of your carpet. As a result we are the UK’s premier carpet colour specialists and understand the complex techniques through which bleach spots are eliminated.

London Carpet Colour Changes

Carpet Colour Changes

We can completely alter the colour of your carpets and rugs by applying custom carpet colours to remodel your living areas and leave the carpet looking modern and sharp.

London Carpet Side Seam Matching


It is much cheaper to have your carpet dyed than to replace it. Carpet dyeing will typically save you 65-75% when compared to the cost of new carpet replacement.

London Stain Removal

Stain Removal

Our technicians will rinse and clean the stained section of your rug or carpet. with a professionally created colour application known as a ColorCue to restore your rugs and carpets to their primary pigment.

Curtain & Upholstery Cleaning

London Curtain Cleaning


Our Curtain cleaning services range from pelmets, tails, swags, festoon blinds, lace curtains, Austrian blinds, voile nets; the list is essentially infinite. We provide a complete takedown, clean and re-hang service on all curtain cleaning undertaken.

London Leather Cleaning


Correct care and maintenance will counter-leather from depreciating, getting dry and brittle. if you want to prolong the beauty and life of your furniture. Please talk to our team about your leather cleaning needs in more detail.

London Upholstery Cleaning


By using state-of-the-art techniques, we have become professionals in on-site cleaning systems. Our professional upholstery cleaners use a powerful, but delicate cleaning system that is guaranteed not to create any shrinkage.

Stain Protection & Deep Cleaning Treatments

London Stain Sheild Treatment

Stain Sheild Treatment

A stain guard treatment is an affordable entry-level stain barrier to protect your old and new furnishings from stains like red wine, crayons, ink, blood, shoe polish and others.

London Aquadefence-Stain-Protection

Aquadefence Stain Protection

Aquadefence is the best stain protection for sofas & couches, vibrant curtains or cushions, carpets & rugs in today’s marketplace because it employs the innovative characteristics of nanotechnology.

London Dust-Mite-Control Treatment

Dust-Mite-Control & Moth Treatment

Moths can cause havoc with fabrics associated with clothes and carpets. It is their larvae that cause damage to natural fabrics. Our treatment involves spraying or fogging to eliminate the eggs or larva as they hatch.

London Anti-static-treatment

Anti Static Carpet Treatment

The static is produced by friction between carpet fibres and other moving objects such as people’s shoes or electric field currents from equipment such as computers. We quickly eradicate static shocks from your carpet and prevent further static buildup.

London Coronavirus Deep Cleaning

COVID 19 & Bio Hazard Cleaning

The specialist Biohazard team at Ace provide thoroughly decontaminate your premises with deep biofogging decontamination systems & deep cleaning for properties, residential dwellings and workplaces that have had a confirmed outbreak of COVID 19.