Rug Cleaning

London Fine Rug Cleaning - Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd


Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd offer specialist rug cleaning throughout London and South East. We clean a wide range of rugs, including Chinese and Persian synthetic fibres such as nylon or wool and fine fibres including silk, polish cotton and viscose.

Our attention to detail has made us the leading rug cleaning company in London.

London Rug Spa Treatment


The ultimate in rug care, we will collect your rug and give it the careful treatment it needs. First, the rug is brought to our warehouse, closely inspected for stains and wear, and then scrutinised to determine if your rug is colourfast. The rug is then vacuumed from both sides to remove all loose soiling.

Once this is completed, the rug will be spotted by hand and washed in our state-of-the-art rug wash tank.

Harrods London On Site Rug Cleaning


Unfortunately, your rug cannot be taken away for the rug spa treatment on some occasions. Depending on the fibre of your rug, we offer various cleaning techniques onsite such as hot water extraction and dry cleaning.

Please be assured even with onsite cleaning, the Ace team will still show your rugs the care it requires.

Carpet Cleaning

Professional London Carpet Cleaning

The Ace team will talk to you to determine what cleaning method will need to be used depending on the carpet fibre. We take meticulous consideration of your expectations and troubled areas at all times.

Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd has the carpet cleaning solution to your problems, from removing spots on silk carpets to a whole room clean of your wool carpets.

London Bleach-Spot-Repairs

Bleach Spot Repairs

Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd’s bleach spot repair technicians trained extensively in America to understand how to restore colour to carpet that has been damaged by bleach and other cleaning chemicals. We can also help if they’ve been bleached by the sun. Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd is the UK’s top carpet colour specialist and understands the complex technic required.

London Dust-Mite-Control Treatment

Dust-Mite-Control & Moth Treatment

Suppose you have a moth or dust mite infestation. In that case, ace carpet cleaners will thoroughly vacuum and clean the area to remove any larvae or eggs. We will then use a special repellant to avoid any recurring issues.

London Stain Removal (Before)After

Stain Removal

Before the Ace team starts any work, we will discuss any areas of specific staining and heavy soiling with you. First, all carpets are pre-vacuumed to remove any loose soiling. Then stains are pre-spotted and worked on by hand to loosen the stain to attain the best results. Once the stains are treated, we will then clean the whole room using the correct cleaning method for your carpet fibre, leaving them thoroughly dried.

London Anti-static-treatment

Anti Static Carpet Treatment

When walking on a carpet, your feet and the carpet work with a rubbing motion making electrons drive to the carpet from your body. Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd will come and fully clean the carpet with a procedure depending on the carpet fibre and then apply an antic static treatment to remove the static from your carpet.

London Stain Protection - Aquadefence - Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd

Aquadefence Stain Protection

Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd are the UK’s only certified Aquadefence technicians. Advanced nanotechnology protects your fine carpet, rugs, curtains, and upholstery. This groundbreaking innovation creates an easy-clean, protective coating that prevents everyday spills and stains damage. The benefits are water and oil resistance. Aquadefence repels most households’ liquids such as tea, coffee, wine, etc. It is an eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable and fluorine-free water-based formula.

This extremely durable and long-lasting coating is suitable for all types of cuts, loop woven and natural synthetic rugs. Aquadefence is also ideal for all animal hides, with an invisible layer that doesn’t alter the look, feel or breathability of fabric or fibre. In addition, Aquadefence is entirely odourless and non-aerosol, meaning it can be applied indoors, UV resistant, and completely child and pet safe during and post-application.

Curtain & Upholstery Cleaning

London Curtain Cleaning - Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd


Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd offer an onsite or offsite clean of your curtains, blinds, voiles and nets. This also includes swags, tails and pelmets. Depending on the fibres and the types of stains you have, the Ace team will advise on the best cleaning method. In addition, we offer a total takedown and rehanging service on all curtains and overhead treatments and accessories. We follow a rigorous process when taking your curtains away to ensure no shrinkage occurs.

London Leather Cleaning


Leather and suede can be suspectable to staining due to the porous nature of the hides. Depending on your needs, we can offer you a general clean or a complete restoration, including adding colour pigment.

London Upholstery Cleaning - - Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd


We will bring your delicate upholstery and furnishings back to life whether you have viscose, fine silk, or synthetic fibres. We understand the high grades of care and attention that must be taken with your delicate fabrics and offer incredible results. Our upholstery cleaning technician will determine the most appropriate cleaning procedure for the fibre of your upholstery. All specific staining is worked on by hand before the overall cleaning occurs. Our cleaning methods guarantee against shrinkage and fibre distortion.

Stone Cleaning & Restoration London -
Stone Cleaning & Restoration London -

Natural Stone Cleaning & Restoration

To keep stone looking at its best, it is recommended to invest in regular professional natural stone maintenance. These stone treatments will remove staining and scratching and refresh the surface of your stone. For older stone floors, the restoration process can also include filling pits and cracks