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The specialist cleaning team at Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd been serving homeowners and business alike who require Leather Cleaners London and the South East of England since 1963. Furthermore over that extended period of trading that we have a huge amount of knowledge and expertise in leather cleaning London, Kent, Essex, Surrey, Sussex and beyond. We were founded in 1963 and as professional cleaners, we can guide on all aspects of attention and preservation of leather, curtains, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, colour corrections and stain removal.

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For many people, there is no other upholstery covering as pleasing as leather. Leather upholstered furniture is more widespread than ever before. Furthermore, as a result, there are what seems like hundreds of different hides or finishes and colours.
Yet unfortunately, almost everyone who buys leather knows little about caring for it. Some sales people advise that leather is natural and because of this leather does not require a professional leather cleaner London either, in conclusion, this is untrue.

Leather Cleaners London

Leather Sofa Cleaners & Leather Cleaners London.

Correct care and maintenance will counter-leather from depreciating, getting dry and brittle. At this point what we would advise the regular use of your comfy leather sofa creates cracks in the leather, and the surface then crumbles and flakes off. As a result calling in the help of an expert leather cleaner London is of utmost importance if you want to prolong the beauty and life of your furniture. Please talk to our team about your leather cleaning needs in more detail, or to ask for a FREE estimate.,Call Ace Leather Cleaners now for another great deal from our expert cleaning team.


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Almost all leather consequently absorbs the general daily specks of dirt and oils that are not only hard to remove while leaving the unguarded leather to absorb dirt and organic oils. Also, modern central heating systems all help to speed this process up and reduce the life of your leather fittings.


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When your leather becomes soiled, don’t risk damage as a result of giving it a go with cleaning solvents, furniture polish, abrasive cleaners, saddle soap, silicone based products, waxes, oils or standard stain removers.
KEEP CALM… Call Ace. When you take decent care of leather upholstery it by far and away outlasts all other varieties of fabric. Remember you’ve just discovered the best leather cleaners London has. Furthermore at Ace Leather Cleaners London we always look after our customers in the same respectful manner that we value in our own lives, consequently it's no wonder that some of our highly valued reviews are about our fantastic levels of service.

Leather Cleaners London

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Ace Provide Expert Leather Cleaners London and beyond for all Leather furniture, Sofas,and Upholstery.

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First of all, give the Ace team a call and receive a great deal from Ace Leather Cleaners London and let us return your leather furniture to its original glory.

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We recommend you to pick a specialist leather cleaner as we heard far too many tales of pure about what happens when clients trust their cherished suede and leather goods to cleaners who are not accustomed to the proper cleaning methods.

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We are an NCCA qualified leather cleaner London areas and beyond. If you crave that like-new look or to return an old item back to its former glory, professional help is only a phone call away. So don't be a plonker and make the age old mistake of believing that the tiny advert in the local newspaper guarantees a trained and qualified in leather cleaner London.


Let's get it right the first time the rational thing to do is contact the Ace Leather Cleaning London team. Because being a professional leather cleaner London or in fact anywhere is an art form, an expert skill. As a result, advanced specialist procedures are a must if you want it to appear new and to shine again.

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Ace leather cleaners London are prepared to give extra care to your home and its contents… Flexible servicing time slots are always available for your convenience.For Clean bright and soft leather, you can trust in Ace’s leather cleaning service its’s the complete answer to refreshing your house and regain the twinkle. Give ACE Carpet Cleaners Ltd a call today!!.

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