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Looking for a professional company to provide quality curtain cleaning London and beyond? Pull yourself together as you’ve just found one of the best. At Ace, we offer a complete curtain cleaning service in London, and the South East of England such as Kent, Surrey, Essex, Sussex and beyond that incorporates full non-shrink guarantee and secures total customer satisfaction. We were founded in 1963 and as professional cleaners, we can guide on all aspects of attention and preservation of curtains, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, leather cleaning, colour corrections and stain removal.

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Our Curtain cleaning services range from pelmets, tails, swags, festoon blinds, lace curtains, Austrian blinds, voile nets; the list is essentially infinite. Furthermore we provide a complete take down, clean and re-hang service on all curtain cleaning undertaken, overhead methods and accessories. We can, where needed, produce an on-site cleaning service for curtains, but we do promote a full dry clean for better results. In addition we support curtain cleaning process’s that unites the removal and measurement of curtains, pre-cleaning procedures and pre-spotting of any present stains, meticulous cleaning. Finally hand finishing and folding ahead of replacing the curtains, re-hung and re-pleated. ACE curtain cleaning London, leave you with splendidly cleaned and thoughtfully re-hung curtains.

Curtain Cleaning London

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First of all we understand that your time is precious therefore, as a result when we do clean curtains on the site, our cleaning professionals call the customer at around 8 am on the designated day to verify arrival time. On finishing the work, we also invite our clients to talk to our office and confirm that they are pleased with the results before our staff depart the premises. Most of all Ace Carpet Cleaners offer absolute peace of mind from a business whose experience goes back to 1963. Since not too many companies can provide such a high level of service and customer satisfaction, and we work especially hard to sustain it. Please talk to our team about your curtain cleaning demands in more detail, or to ask for a FREE estimate.,Call Ace Curtain Cleaners now for another great deal from our steam cleaning team.


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Ace Curtain Cleaners London produce quality curtain cleaning in addition to using high-quality cleaning products together with advanced curtain steam cleaning machines throughout either London, Kent, Essex, Surrey and Sussex areas.


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Ace Curtain Cleaners London have a many years of expertise in cleaning, as a result with Ace Curtain Cleaners you are in dependable hands. Energise every room instantly. While taking extraordinary consideration and attentiveness to detail, Ace Curtain Cleaners remove your house of dark and dreary chambers, reinvigorating areas with efficiency. Curtains are most of all a centre point of any living space. Insert colour and vitality into your home by getting another great deal from Ace Curtain Cleaners. Ace Carpet and Curtain Cleaners is a well-established cleaning company providing professional curtain cleaning services, all over London and Kent areas.
Furthermore at Ace Curtain Cleaners London we always look after our customers in the same respectful manner that we value in our own lives, consequently it's no wonder that some of our highly valued reviews are about our fantastic levels of service.

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People everywhere are loving Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd and we thrive off their feedback. With countless Positive reviews, Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd maintain overall Excellent ratings.

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Ace Provide expert Curtain Cleaners London and beyond for all size curtains, window blinds, and heavy drapery curtains.

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Our curtain cleaning professionals are proficient and equipped to carry out curtain cleaning in a professional way. All curtain cleaning is carried out by Ace Carpet and Curtain Cleaners on site at your chosen address. Since professional Curtain cleaning equipment is used, this means we can also clean your curtains while they are hanging in their natural position.

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Ace curtain cleaning technicians are fully qualified and hence are equipped to give direction and recommend the suitable method for various sorts of curtain textures. Because not all curtain fabrics are fit for steam cleaning. As a result when this happens, a dry cleaning service can be performed. Finally deodorising is the last step of an Ace curtain cleaning service, leaving your curtains smelling fresh and clean.

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Due to the increasing diversity of modern fabrics means that it's essential that your curtains are cleaned correctly by professionals that understand curtain fabrics and knows how your curtains have been assembled. Getting your curtains cleaned is a straightforward process, The Ace team will, first of all, provide you with a quote for the work at hand.


Primary quotations can sometimes be given over the phone if you have the required information to hand, but we tend to find that a more accurate costing can be reached by arranging a visit to your home or business premises to examine the fabrics and evaluate the work required. Our site visits allow the assessor to inspect for UV damage or material weakening caused by sunlight and to suggest suitable action to be taken. Our curtain cleaner will decide whether your curtains demand washing or dry cleaning. Almost all dry cleaning methods soak the curtains in dry cleaning solvent within a dry cleaning machine. However fabrics sometimes, especially if they are delicate, respond to cleaning with an external dry cleaning system, permitting our qualified technician to watch what is happening as the fabric is handled. This cleaning method can also be suitable where a generous bay window has elaborate or intricate multi-sectioned pelmets with swags and tails. Our specialist curtain cleaner will inspect the fabric and the construction before starting cleaning, then as part of the finishing process, we check that all removable stains are gone and that the cleaning method has been as successful as anticipated. The primary objective is to remove built up dust on the curtain headings, In multiple situations, prominent spots and stains will likewise be tackled. The range of professional cleaning services administered by Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd is considerably greater than those offered by local high street dry cleaners, so call Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd when you want expert and affordable curtain cleaning London or further afield..

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Ace curtain cleaners are prepared to give extra care to your home and its contents… Flexible servicing time slots are always available for your convenience.For Fresh smelling clean curtains, you can trust in Ace’s curtain cleaning service its’s the complete answer to refreshing your house and regain the twinkle. Give ACE Carpet Cleaners Ltd a call today!!.

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