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We Believe in Putting The Focus Back On Exceptional Service!

As one of London and the United Kingdoms’ foremost providers of high-quality carpet & upholstery cleaning services, we are dedicated to maintaining the high standard of service you expect and deserve. As a result, we guarantee you will be 100% happy with our work. We provide our carpet cleaning services to ALL walks of life. Catering for domestic households, commercial businesses, high-end carpet manufacturers, retail stores, hotels, designers, the entertainment industry, and even onboard boats and yachts.

A Few Words On Our Founder

There are few instances where the Cambridge dictionary has an inaccurate definition of a word or phrase. If ever there was an excellent reason to petition for an update to a word, it would be in tribute to a certain Ivan Hayes-Scott.

But what is the word we should petition for, I hear you ask? The word is “Gentleman” it would be the humble opinion of most that have come into contact with this man that his name be added to the current definition of “a man who is polite and behaves well towards other people, especially women”.

High praise indeed, and deservedly so, Ivan Hayes-Scott is the founder of Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd. Ivan is as true to his word, passionate and innovative now as he was when Ace was established. From day one, Ace Carpet Cleaners have made it their mission to always be ahead of the game.

High Standards Are Hardwired Into Our DNA

Since Ivan was knee-high to a grasshopper, he has been interested in making things look new. This initially came about as his mother “Dorris”, was a long-standing member of the family cleaning company with her three brothers. Ivan would accompany his mother on her daily rounds, learning the tricks of the cleaning trade. Simultaneously, he became a student of good old-fashioned values that, sadly, are often forgotten in today’s marketplace.

Even to this day, Ivan loves to clean. He says there is nothing more satisfying than to make something like new again. But, aside from seeing the final result of cleaning something beautiful, the only other thing that comes close to eclipsing this emotion is the delight Ivan gets when a previous client returns after he has cleaned their soft furnishings to convey that “WOW” moment.

This Mantra and devotion to please are what the company is all about and why Ace is recommended and approved by many rug, carpet, upholstery manufacturers and leading interior designers.

Going Back to Our Roots

As Ivan grew, so, in turn, did his passion for the cleaning industry. His role as a willing helper matured into an apprenticeship with his uncles. He was very soon the face of the firm’s window cleaning division. But, as with all budding entrepreneurs, it wasn’t long before his experience and desire to be the best led to him branching out on his own to start Ace.

Looking back now, it feels reminiscent of the evolution of man. In the beginning, there was a period of walking miles with a ladder on his shoulder and bucket in hand. Then, eagerly he knocked on doors to politely ask if they would like their windows cleaned. This then evolved to investing the company funds in a bicycle, increasing the radius he could cover and spreading the smiles left on the faces of his growing clientele list.

So naturally, this once more evolved into a moped and cleaning pole, the first company van. All of which blossomed into the fully-fledged fleet of vans and professional team of uniformed cleaning experts you witness today.

A Third Generation Born To Clean

As the Ace family expanded, so did Ivan’s. History was very soon repeating itself, and when of age, Ivans’s son Ben joined the family business. This was when good old-fashioned values and modern technology were seamlessly fused together. The bar had once more been raised. Together, the entire company was taken up a notch by stripping back the art of carpet and upholstery cleaning to the very bones by taking a scientific approach that has carried them where they are today.

Investing In People

There is a saying in business that “you can’t get the staff” well, this is thankfully not an issue at Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd. Both Ivan and Ben stand by the values installed in them and believe that by treating people that work beside you like family, supporting them inside and outside of the working life environment is the best way to inspire the identical behaviour throughout all touchpoints with a long-established and prestigious client list. Ivan & Ben call them the “Acelings” and together are what makes us unique. One of many reasons to Keep Calm & Call Ace!

Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd are a BIID "Industry Partner"
We Network and Communicate With Interior Designers.


The Institute is devoted to leading and supporting good professional practice and competence in interior design fields and its obligations to the community, clients, fellow interior designers, suppliers and the interior design industry

Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd are an “Industry Partner” because being part of an alliance that upholds rigorous benchmarks in the industry is significant as it matches our own elevated standards.

Approved & Reccomended By Sylka Carpets
Providing The Highest Possible Service To Exceptional Products


SYLKA, are one of the world’s leading luxury carpet and rug producers. They were recently selected as the latest sponsor for The International Design & Architecture Awards 2021. As previous winners, SYLKA themselves make up an elite group of companies within the sector.

To be approved & recommended by an award-winning brand voted for by designers and architects is regarded as the pinnacle of recognition for our many years of hard work and expertise.

Endorsements & Accreditations From Around The Globe

Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd are Endorsed By The Designers Guild
Artistry, creativity and innovation


The Designers Guild Group employs over 280 people in the UK. It has overseas offices and showrooms in New York, Paris and Stockholm. Artistry, creativity and innovation are at the heart of their creative process.  They believe that careful and regular maintenance is the key to prolonging the life and retaining the appearance of soft furnishings. Once again, Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd are proud to be considered the Recommended Cleaning Company throughout the United Kingdom by such a soft furnishings powerhouse

Need More Than A Clean? Amazing Additional Market Leading Products In Our Group

Dye-Namic Carpet Colour Corrections

Carpet Dyeing Magicians

Do you adore your home? Dye-namic provide a specialist carpet colour change, bleach spot & stain removal service lets you customise the colours of your floors to coordinate with your chosen internal décor

Aquadefence Stain protection

Stain Protection

Aqua Defence is the best stain protection system in today’s marketplace because it employs the innovative characteristics of nanotechnology to produce an ideal oil-repellent and water-resistant formula.

Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd are a Which? Trusted trader

We Are a Which? Trusted trader!

We Are a Which? Trusted trader!

We became a Which? Trusted trader back in February 2014. Because, when customers see the Which? Trusted traders’ emblem they comprehend they’re buying from a business they can depend on. As a result, our company gets the credit we deserve from the UK’s most influential independent consumer body.

The Which? Trusted Trader Scheme delivers our clients assurance. Which? Trusted Traders is an endorsement scheme that recognises trustworthy traders. Which? Has been supporting buyers for over sixty years and assesses and endorses traders who stick to their high standards. Likewise, the Best Buy logo is an endorsement from Which? Trusted Traders that give customers certainty.

Which? Trusted Traders operate all over the UK. They endorse traders in the consumer home improvement, private motor servicing and repairs business communities. Each business that applies is evaluated by professionals of expert trading standards to ensure the company satisfies its elevated criteria. Which? Lives to make buyers as mighty as the companies they do business with.

Which? have over 1.5 million members and supporters, making them the most significant self-dependent consumer body in the United Kingdom. Which? Trusted Traders was launched to guarantee that the recommended trader market produced absolute value for consumers and traders. The Which? logo is respected by consumers universally as a stamp of reputation and trust.

As a business owner, you recognise it’s a sign of excellence that helps us stand out from the crowd.

Take a look at our NCCA profile

National Carpet Cleaners Association Members

People look for National Carpet Cleaning Association Members because carpets can be one of the most highly-priced articles to buy for your home.

So, when you’re contemplating carpet cleaning and maintenance, you will probably want the absolute best carpet cleaner around to clean them. Since carpets work as a filter inside our homes, carpets accumulate all sorts of dirt, dust and soil. Vacuuming carpet consistently will reduce this predicament, but you must remember that vacuuming alone will not eliminate the deep-down soils that stubbornly stick to the carpet’s fibres. Our professional carpet cleaners in London will liberate these pesky stains and soiled areas and help preserve your carpets’ original look and lustre.

As well as keeping your carpets looking fresh and clean, when you ensure that carpets are cleaned by professionals frequently, this not only keeps them hygienic but prolongs their lifespan in a big way. Failing to clean carpets correctly, or maybe dare we say, not cleaning your carpets at all, will have a significant adverse effect on their lifespan.

Consequently, this pretty much gives you no option other than having to replace your carpets much sooner than you may want to. Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd are NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association) members and a professionally trained carpet cleaning company. We agreed to work to their “Code of Practice” when we joined as an NCCA member.

This is especially relevant because this sets us aside from many carpet cleaners and guarantees that we only use premium carpet cleaning products. Which is a benefit to you and your carpet as you can relax knowing that we constantly undertake all the right and proper practices before, during and after the carpet cleaning process. As an active NCCA member Ace Carpet Cleaners Ltd has a complete insurance cover.